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Tested positive for COVID?

Exposed to a COVID positive person?

The COVID-19 Treatment Initiative (CTI) provides the monoclonal antibody treatment (mAbs) you need, when and where you need it most – at no cost.

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At-Home Infusion Service

Convenient, safe COVID-19 antibody treatment in your home.

Community Infusion Sites

Drop-in treatment centers for emergancy antibody infusions.

LTC Treatment Teams

Full-service antibody “strike teams” for long-term-care facilities

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Why mAbs?

mAbs are the recommended treatment for those exposed to or showing early symptoms of COVID-19.

70%-85% reduction in hospitalization and death in patients

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The Covid Treatment Initiative (CTI) keeps individuals, families, and communities safe, providing practical outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment services. Our mission is to provide COVID-19 treatment services and continue to focus on ways to ensure community health and safety during the pandemic.

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As COVID-19 evolves, so do we.

Know Your Options.

Current mAb services

mAbs at Home

Many patients can receive their treatment safely and efficiently at home.

For mAbs at home, a doctor reviews a patient’s qualification form and recommends a course of treatment.

A nurse will come to the patient’s home to administer mAbs.

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Local Treatment Centers

For those who can or prefer to go in for treatment, CTI has set up a number of sites.

These centers are staffed by medical professionals and are set up to comfortably provide patients with monoclonal antibody infusions.

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LTC Teams

Long-term care facilities can provide mAbs to all residents of an LTC facility when there is a positive case of COVID-19 reported on-site.

CTI will arrange a team of doctors and nurses to provide treatment in-house. The team will coordinate ahead of time so that treatment is efficient and does not affect existing LTC staff duties or facility operations.

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